Some of her choices in blogs are evocative, 4th Dwarf, aren't they? Especially Nakedcondo. But I personally find the fact that she ate brunch at the Pump -- and liked it -- to be most telling. Perhaps the cook there was having an unusually good day? Was anybody at the Pump this morning, and so able to tell us about the quality of the breakfast? I realise the food was probably not the only variable at play here. But. How can one search out the best coffee in the city, then settle for merely average food? I am full of question marks.


4th Dwarf said...

You raise an interesting point, Coyote. But then does her coffee joint have the best coffee? Or is that the politically correct drink there?

As for brunch at the Pump, if you don't mind omelettes that are cooked until brown (I don't, but the Amazon hates them and the Chair speaks poorly of them even though he always gets scrambled) you can get a big breakfast there. Which is popular with the runners.

The other feature is that if you don't arrive precisely at 10am, you can get seated. Unlike our spot.

Plus, they used to put a thermos caraffe of coffee on the table and may still do that.

The Chair said...

Actually, I had brunch with Amazon#2 at the Pump a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised.

I think when nicer weather comes along, I may try to encourage 4th dwarf and the rest of the crew to switch venues.

coyote said...

Well, Dwarf, In suppose it may be politically correct because of the well-hyped fair trade, shade-grown, save-the-rainforests thing. And I admit there are different tastes in coffee, some of which are inexplicably inclined toward beige battery acid. For those of us who prefer a robust Central American dark roast, who dislike certain US chains named after an employee of Cap'n Ahab, and who are able to ignore a plethora of serious WiFI poseurs at certain times of day, I'd say it's near the acme of the metaphorical hill of beans, at least in Ottawa. (The train station in Parma may be the best in the world, although there's a little bar across the street from the Gare du Nord that's pretty damn fine, too.) That said, I'm nearly always willing to eat breakfast, wherever I am.