Porter Airlines and rockstars

I have always wanted to be a rockstar. So I was excited when I arrived on level 3 of the YOW parking garage and discovered that Porter Airlines, who I would be flying with, would be treating me like a rockstar.

Porter - We treat you like a rockstar
porter - This Lounge is permanently closed.
I hoped this rockstar treatment would start in their lounge before I boarded, but the lounge is permanently closed.

On board the flight, an hour later, they gave me a complimentary beverage and my choice of a little packet of salted almonds, potato chips, or short-bread cookies. I suppose if I was a rockstar, I'd have taken one of each. But I only took some almonds.

I can't say I left the flight feeling like a rockstar. But I did fly way up high in the air, and that was pretty cool.

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