Never Trust a Google Poem

Never Trust a Hippy

Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be

Never Trust A Junkie

Never trust your solder joints

Never Trust a Man in Crocs

Never trust a millionaire quoting the sermon on the mount

never trust an attractive woman that you meet in a dungeon

Never trust the media guys who tell you to “go ahead and leave your mic on”

You Should Never Trust Someone Whom You Don't Know To Take a Decent Picture

you should never just trust a review

Never Trust a Scrawny Foodie

Never trust an international guarantee

Never trust a CEO with your personal well-being

Never trust a cloud!

Never Trust Your GPS.

Never Trust the Internet to Always Be Your Friend

Never trust Google Maps when walking!

never trust a fart no matter what.

Never trust your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.

Never Trust A Jawa

Never, NEVER trust your form inputs.

You Should Never Trust The Photos Hotels Post Online

Never trust downloads even if it is from a respected official download site because it might still be a threat

Never Trust a Politician

Never trust a warlock

Never trust a fart. I had a rather unfortunate experience after tonight's 10 mile run.

Never Trust An SEO Salesman

Never Trust Anything With That Much Wicker Around

Never trust a man who wears a sweater vest

Never trust a big butt and a smile



This Google poem is not about...

* This Poem is NOT About Sushi 

* This Poem is Not About Parakeets 

* This Poem is Not About Me 

* This poem is not about abuse 

* This poem is not about love…my last lover, my recent dates, or the one night stands in-between 

* This poem is not about Anne Hathaway, movie star extraordinaire. 

* This poem is not about sex 

* This poem is not about you 

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Porter Airlines and rockstars

I have always wanted to be a rockstar. So I was excited when I arrived on level 3 of the YOW parking garage and discovered that Porter Airlines, who I would be flying with, would be treating me like a rockstar.

Porter - We treat you like a rockstar
porter - This Lounge is permanently closed.
I hoped this rockstar treatment would start in their lounge before I boarded, but the lounge is permanently closed.

On board the flight, an hour later, they gave me a complimentary beverage and my choice of a little packet of salted almonds, potato chips, or short-bread cookies. I suppose if I was a rockstar, I'd have taken one of each. But I only took some almonds.

I can't say I left the flight feeling like a rockstar. But I did fly way up high in the air, and that was pretty cool.


Sleeping dragon


Happy Canada Day...

...may yours be filled with giant beavers swimming in vast ponds of maple syrup.

Hmmm. Meant that to read like the most Canadian thing ever, not some kind of obscure double entendre.

But there ya go.


Mitch McConnell, meanwhile...

...channels his inner spirit animal for the American Fourth of July break, to beguile and charm fellow Republican senators into supporting his greatest-hits version of the the Trump Wealthcare Bill...